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How you communicate in your marriage either strengthens or harms your family's long-term stability and vitality.

Marriage Enhances Health, Happiness and Prosperity

Recent research shows that stable marriages increase measurable success in:
  • Emotional and physical health
  • Longevity
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Financial Matters
  • Career
  • Education
  • Children's happiness
  • Personal fulfillment

Gain Skills and Tools that improve Every Aspect of Your Life

—with your partner, your family and friends and with people at work and elsewhere.

Couple Communication I is an easy-to-learn, positive, award-winning educational program that teaches you and your partner practical communication skills to produce, protect and sustain a vital partnership.

In This Program, You

  • Develop confidence that you can communicate together effectively
  • Create faster, better resolutions to conflict
  • Increase satisfaction in your relationship
  • Expand understanding of yourself and your partner
  • Reduce disagreements and tension
  • Experience greater caring and esteem for self and partner

In Couple Communication I, You Learn to Use:

The Awareness Wheel to:

  • Organize your awareness
  • Understand yourself and situations better
  • Apply 6 talking skills to be clear and constructive

The Listening Cycle to:

  • Tune in accurately to your partner's concerns
  • Use 5 productive listening skills
  • Strengthen your relationship

The Map-An-Issue Process—an eight-step discussion that combines the 11 talking and listening skills to:

  • Create best-fit solutions to complicated situations
  • Deal with personal and relational concerns more productively

The Styles of Communication Map to:

  • Recognize ineffective and effective ways of talking and listening
  • Improve the quality of your communication

Who is Couple Communication I for?

Convenient Formats

You and your partner choose one of two learning formats:
  • In a group with an instructor and 6 to 12 other couples (totaling 8 hours)
  • By yourselves as a couple with an instructor (6 50-minute sessions)

Enjoy Gaining Your New Skills Through

  • Brief presentations of the concepts, skills and processes
  • Interesting demonstrations of the communication skills and processes (live or on video)
  • Useful practice of skills and processes with real issues of your own choice (appropriate for the setting) using skills mats —innovative tools— to speed learning
  • Helpful coaching and feedback on your use of skills
  • Valuable application of your learning in real situations between sessions

Your Privacy is Respected

  • You choose together privately, as a couple, the issues you discuss and practice

User Friendly Couple Materials

Each couple uses a Couple Communication I Couple Packet containing:2 Talking and Listening Together workbooks (one copy for each partner)2 Skills Mats (one for talking, the other for listening) for:
  • Use during sessions
  • Practice at home between sessions
  • Application after the course to reinforce skills when negotiating issues
Set of 4 Pocket Cards to prompt skill use

What Is Unique about Couple Communication?

  • Over 600,000 couples have participated in Couple Communication since its beginning at the University of Minnesota Family Study Center.
  • Frameworks are theoretically grounded and well researched.
  • More than 70 independent studies, many at major universities throughout the United States. document the effectiveness of the program in helping partners learn skills and increase relationship satisfaction.
  • Awards affirming the program have been received from the Association of Couple for Marriage Enrichment, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and the National Counsel on Family Relations.
  • Special kinesthetic methodology accelerates skill learning.
  • Couple Communication offers the best-integrated set of communication concepts and specific skills available.