Marriage Counseling

Dennis has completed Level 1 training of The Gottman Institute method of couples therapy.

Marriage counseling can be an effective way for couples to identify and resolve issues within the marriage and family. Dennis uses an extensive assessment process with each couple. The assessment includes :

Session One : Both spouses are seen together in the initial session. Background information is gathered about the marriage and family. Each spouse is asked to share their reasons for seeking marriage counseling. Each spouse is also asked what their goals are for marriage counseling. At the conclusion of session one each spouse is given some questionnaires to complete and bring back to the next session. The couple will also be asked to read a brief article about marriage and discuss it over the coming days.

Session Two and Three : These sessions are devoted to seeing each spouse individually one time. Several questions will be asked, and the returned questionnaires will be discussed. After session three Dennis will examine all of the information gathered and write an assessment of what he sees and thinks about your marriage, along with recommendations he believes will help you achieve your desired goals.

Session Four : During session four Dennis will meet with both spouses. He will share what was discussed during sessions two and three, his assessment, and his recommendations. Together a plan will be decided upon to begin working towards reaching the marital goals.

Subsequent sessions will be devoted to accomplishing your marriage counseling goals. Dennis frequently gives a variety of outside work for the couple to do between sessions, including brief reading assignments and other brief activities. Each couples success in marriage counseling is dependent upon the completion of their assigned work.

Marriage counseling is a process. Quick fixes are not the norm. To achieve success both partners need to work together and take responsibility for their own words and actions. Marriage counseling can be successful when each partner gives the process their best effort.

Member National Registry for Marriage Friendly Therapists