Marriage Seminars

Is Your Marriage In Need Of A Little Tune Up? You need to call the Marriage Maintenance Guy!

Put the Spark Back in Your MarriageLike a fine engine, our marriages need constant care to keep them running in tip-top condition. The daily wear and tear of life can cause a decrease in performance and the occasional backfire.

Don’t let your marriage end up in the junk yard of divorce, bring it to the Marriage Maintenance Guy for service. Or, better yet, let him bring the service to you.

Master Mechanic, Dennis Smith.

Dennis can bring a program to your church,
business or group to help your marriages grow and maintain a solid foundation. With a casual and practical style, Dennis will lead couples to explore ways to implement positive steps
achieving greater marital and family satisfaction.

Customize a program to your needs.

Any seminar or retreat can be customized to meet the needs of your couples. Topics can include: developing intimacy, honoring your spouse, goal setting, managing time in the family, developing common interests, effective communication techniques, trust, spirituality in marriage, parenting and more.

Hit the road or park it at home?

Should you choose a seminar or retreat format?
A retreat format encourages couples to get away to a hotel, bed and breakfast, or resort/retreat facility. This time away allows couples to leave behind the daily grind and experience quality time with each other and other couples. A seminar format typically brings the program to your church or location. Child care may be provided. Meals can be served on-site. A good choice for those pressed by time and budgets.

Bring your marriage to The Marriage Maintenance Guy!
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